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TimberForm & PipeLine outdoor fitness equipment is manufactured and shipped worldwide by Columbia Cascade Company. For more than 35 years, products carrying the TimberForm and PipeLine brand names have earned a reputation for design excellence, durability and value. This website displays a comprehensive collection of outdoor fitness equipment designed for parks, campuses, schools and businesses.

In addition to fitness equipment, the company produces site furniture, bicycle racks and lockers, and a complete line of timber, recycled plastic and metal playground equipment.


From our headquarters at Portland, Oregon, Columbia Cascade is committed to producing strong and beautiful eco-friendly fitness equipment. All of our products and finishes are made from non-toxic materials and our factory and offices are operated and maintained in an environmentally responsible manner.

• All of our metal components are coated with CASPAX-7, a lead-free powder coating.

• The steel and cast iron used in our products contains 80-100% post-consumer recycled metal.

• The wood used in our products is obtained from sources that adhere to strict and ecologically sound sustained yield practices.

• Many of our site furnishing products can help in achieving LEED® credits for your project.


Our Manufacturing Plant

• Our production facility employs strict environmental management practices.

• The lead-free CASPAX-7 powder-coating process emits no volatile solvents (0% V.O.C.) to the atmosphere and is ecologically sound.

• There are no factory emissions of any kind.

• Using energy efficient fluorescent lamps, factory lighting is motion controlled and task oriented.

• Factory storm water is diverted to on-site engineered bio-swales rather than to a stream or public sewer system.

• All production scrap (metal, wood and plastic) is recycled.

• Wooden shipping pallets are salvaged, restored and reused.

• All new cardboard packaging is produced only from recycled paper products.


Our Design Headquarters and Offices

• Our headquarters location was selected for easy access to the expanded light-rail line in the geographical center of Portland, Oregon. We encourage our employees to commute to work via mass-transit or alternative transportation.

• The company provides on-site bicycle racks for employees. On-site showers and changing rooms are available to cyclists.

• To conserve energy and natural resources, we discontinued the industry practice of mass-mailings of paper catalogs over ten years ago. Although we still print a limited number of catalogs for hand distribution, we encourage the online downloading of PDF copies.

• All paper, plastic and metal waste is segregated and recycled. Obsolete computer equipment is delivered to authorized recyclers.


Current Designs and Specifications
As a quality-conscious manufacturer, we are constantly improving our products to better serve our customers. Therefore, all designs, product features and specifications depicted on this website are subject to change without notice.


Our Headquarters

Columbia Cascade Company

1300 S.W. Sixth Avenue, Suite 310  
Portland, Oregon 97201-3464 U.S.A.

Telephone 503/223-1157

Toll-free 800/547-1940
Facsimile 503/223-4530                      


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